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MRI to look inside in situ
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Ingeniqa is a startup specialising in Embedded Electromagnetic Systems Engineering and Design, our main focus is in Medical and Agricultural wireless based products.

From wireless wearables to subsurface agricultural monitoring and soil analysis sensors, Ingeniqa is launching a new and highly innovative suite of portable deployable MRI analysis systems incorporating wireless data link and networked capability with internet connectivity for remote location use.  

MRI immediately brings up images of huge equipment occupying a complete room, our MRI is a miniaturized version the size of a mobile phone, very compact and battery operated for permanent deployment under the earth to monitor soil and root crop growth, nutrition and soil moisture to enable in-depth studies and real time monitoring of crop development at the heart of plant.  

Our unique wireless data transfer from subsurface to a terrestrial based radio link to remote monitoring and control centre (farm or research lab) enables round the clock monitoring and control of crops and is readily interfaced to any existing equipment on site.

Our medical developments include a fully portable MRI wand ICP scanner that will enable paramedics to measure and monitor accident victims ICP and other vital signs, locate internal injury and trauma immediately upon arrival at the scene.  Equally usable in a ruggedised version for police and military field operators to asses shrapnel and gunshot would severity on internal organs and bleeds.

The Portable MRI LifeScanner uses a plurality of sensing and detection technologies that combine to provide a comprehensive and instant result that will enable the paramedic to make an in-depth patient assessment on site before they are moved, effectively extending the golden hour and saving lives.

We are constantly adding pages about the products and developments so please come back often, additional pages will be added for: -

Medical (MRI & wireless devices), Agricultural products and Geophysical products.

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